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Neem Honey
Neem trees grow in both tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout Indian sub continent. In south India, neem trees blossom every April and May and during that period of time, no other vegetation blossoms leaving neem nectar as the only source of food for the honey bees. Following the month of march, after the flowering ends and neem fruits starts forming. Abundance of Neem honey is collected in the month of April and may by the tribal people, Neem honey is extensively used in medicine for treating high blood pressure, periodontal infections, skin problems, throat infections and various allergic conditions. It’s even used in the treatment of cancer and known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It’s also used extensively in the beauty industries for keeping the skin fresh and young.

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  1. Tinku Dan (verified owner)

    Neem Honey: Its pure raw honey from them. I bought it two days back. But price is too high really can’t afford every time. Quality is no doubt. Go for it.

    • agboobpathi_xbcl4rt1

      Thank you mam for your valuable feedback

  2. agboobpathi_xbcl4rt1

    The Best honey from Market

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