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Multi floral Honey
It can literally be called as honey of a million flowers, as it’s said, it really comprises of nectar of thousands of different varieties of flowers blossoming in that particular region in a particular season. The taste, colour and texture of the multifloral honey will generally be saturated by all types of flower nectar making it difficult to distinguish its major type of flower, giving a general taste after mixing all the honey collected and filtering it, it is harvested in huge quantities and stored during season where its availability will be in abundance and after that, it will be available only in the next season.
It generally combines the health benefits of all types of honey as it’s a combination of all types of nectar from different floral vegetation of the deeper forest. Multifloral honey will be very diluted and watery due to its higher moisture content as its mainly collected from the rainforests during the blossoming time after the rainy season. We sundry it to reduce the moisture to stop fermentation without affecting essential enzymes and healthy microbes in it.

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