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Nella Kurinji is a shrub variety of plant that originates and found abundant In southern parts of Western Ghats, this particular variety of plant blossoms only once in twelve years and its blossoms period is celebrated as a festival in that region with people flowing in from all around the world to witness this rare event.

Hence kurinji honey is also collected once in 12 years and that make it a rarest honey in the world. Honey of kurinji is considered liquid gold with its unique transparent greenish yellow colour and unique taste that cant be replicated by blending or artificial flavouring with the farm honey. Once the stock is out, noone can posses it until the next season in 2030.

Hence, even possesing the honey of Neela Kurinji itself is considered a Prestigious status. We are proud to say that, currently we are the only holder of kurinji stock upto 380kgs collected in 2018 in the whole world until the next season in 2030.

Also Kurinji honey is highly anti bacterial and used to build up the immune system and it’s highly energetic, catalyses the metabolism. It acts as a best remedy for digestive problems.

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